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by zydecopaws on March 18, 2009

img_0307Cook 22 finds me in Ocean Shores cooking by the lake again.  Proof that “working remotely” can be done from other places than home (hi Boss)…

On the grill:

Cooking somewhere not home where the spice choices, utensils, and BBQ equipment is not your own presents some challenges, but none that can’t be overcome with patience, flexibility, and creativity.  No lemon pepper for the trashbag taters?  No problem, substitute Cajun spice mix.  Red potatoes instead of Yukons?  Again, no problem, but they need to be watched closely and more care taken when turning.  No oregano?  Oh well, leave it off.  As it turns out, I think I will be adding this variation to the trashbag potatoes recipe as it turned out really tasty…

img_0310The steaks were carved out of a tri-tip roast and lightly seasoned with some more of the Cajun spice mix.  What the heck, might as well stick to the theme.  Tri-tips are one of my favorite cuts due to both taste, tenderness, and versatility.  Tonight’s were simply amazing.  I don’t know why, and really don’t care.

The baked apple slices stayed on the grill longer than normal and turned out more like hot applesauce than apple slices.  Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but it was an interesting learning experience when compared to the results from cooking them in a pot the other night.  I guess I’ll have to add variations to the recipe for these too…

And as before, I forgot to throw a cable for my camera into my laptop bag, so I’ll update this post tomorrow evening when I get home.  If you want pictures, you’re just going to have to come back later. Look, pictures prove that it really happened…

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 17:30
  • Meal time: 18:20
  • Temperature:     50°F
  • Dew Point:     34°F
  • Humidity:    54%
  • Wind:    SE at 4mph
  • Daily Precip.:    0.04in

We got lucky today as the weather cleared and the sun came out during the cook.  About the time we finished eating, the clouds had rolled back in and the dude on the radio was predicting rain, rain, and more rain for the foreseeable future.  Nice…

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