Hot and Fast

by zydecopaws on April 14, 2013

Time is relative. At least according to Einstein. Point in case? This brisket was cooked in under 7 hours, about half the time it normally takes me for one this size.

IMG 2886

I don’t have any pictures of it post-slicing-and-dicing, largely due to time constraints (it was Pinochle Night on Friday). Those same time constraints led me to experimenting with “hot and fast”, which in this case involved about 2 hours of smoking the brisket on the WSM at 250°F, then raising the temperature to between 300°F and 325°F for the rest of the cook.

The result was a flat that was slightly drier than I prefer, but one that still had a nice smoke ring and mesquite flavor. The point was very moist when chopped; my only regret was not having time to turn it into burnt ends.

Judging from how fast the leftovers (what few there were) are disappearing, it appears that everyone was quite pleased with the experiment. Next time I will slow the process down a bit and see if the flat is a bit juicier.

Now I need to go hide the rest of the leftovers if I want to have a brisket pizza anytime in the near future.

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