Odds and Ends

by zydecopaws on April 15, 2013

And leftovers. Beginning with fish tacos (grilled cod, leftover cabbage slaw, tomatoes, avocado, and a greek yogurt-based sauce).

IMG 2894

That was yesterday. Tonight was pizza night, featuring pizzas made with the successfully hidden leftover brisket. Both pizzas used TJ’s herb dough, Big Butz No Butz sauce, and a blend of shredded mozzarella and feta cheese. The first was also topped with SWMBO undesirables (onions and peppers).

IMG 2897

The second pizza was built to SWMBO specifications and had mushrooms and fresh basil in addition to the basic ingredients.

IMG 2900

If you haven’t made a pizza using Big Butz No Butz sauce I highly recommend you do so. Spread it on thin; a little goes a long way. It provides just the right bite to go along with the flavor and goes great with brisket, pulled pork, and grilled chicken pizzas.

And no, Tom didn’t pay me to say this…

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