Learning to Loaf

by zydecopaws on April 25, 2013

Younger Daughter showed interest in learning to loaf last night. Meat loaf, that is…

IMG 2909

She actually stood around for most of the assembly process and may have actually learned something. Based on her comments, it was likely how easy it is to open a can of corn and season with some butter, basil, salt, and pepper so that it actually tastes decent.

IMG 2913

The corn was tasty (as usual), but the meatloaf was the star. This particular batch featured Big Butz No Butz sauce both in the mix and brushed on top prior to cooking. Other than that, the meatloaf was the basic recipe of ground beef, pork sausage (hot), onions, peppers, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, oatmeal, and an egg. Somehow I seriously doubt that Younger Daughter retained any of this.

I do know that the finished product was good as I had to threaten the kids with dire consequences if they tried to use the leftovers for sandwiches in their lunch today. After all, leftovers are used at the discretion of the teacher, not the students…

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