Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce…

by zydecopaws on May 23, 2013

Hold the tomato too as long as you are at it, because I didn’t have any of those items on hand tonight in spite of planning on making chicken burgers. Undaunted, I forged ahead with the grilling plans, Big Butz Chicken Dust in hand (well, on the chicken breasts, not really in my hand), Zucchini Bites on the grill (Pigdog would say zucchini bites regardless of where it is located), and a couple of spare burgers for Auntie’s lunch tomorrow. And a run-on sentence to begin this post…

IMG 2942

So what does one put on a Chicken-Dusted chicken breast when one is out of traditional burger toppings? It turns out that cabbage slaw (in the fine tradition of pulled pork sandwiches) works quite well. Especially when you have upscale Dave’s Killer buns to pile it all on.

IMG 2947

As I told the kids, this ain’t no Burger King, and you can’t have it your way. Unless you’re the cook, and tonight, this was just fine. Especially after working all day (all week, for that matter) and having to rebuild the site late at night following an unfortunate issue with a WordPress plugin and a restore from a previous backup.

Hope I didn’t lose any of my three loyal readers out there…

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