Playing with my Butt

by zydecopaws on May 27, 2013

What would Memorial Day weekend be without a low-and-slow pork cook of some sort? Couple that with a post title guaranteed to pull in the comment spam, and you have something that looks like this.

IMG 2962

I was experimenting again yesterday (what’s new?) and cooked the butts (ok, pork shoulder, at least until the National Pork Board makes it worth my while to go along with their new naming conventions) on the BS Keg. Normally I fire up a WSM, get it to temp, put on the butts and come back several hours later to sop the meat. Temperature control on the BS Keg is a bit trickier to master than a WSM. Ok, a lot trickier. I have been able to hold any temp above 275°F with no problem whatsoever, but below that has proved to be a significant challenge that requires at checking the grill at least every 30 minutes or so. No setting it and going to sleep for six or seven hours with a BS Keg. Although I did get away for 2 hours of bowling yesterday.

Once again, I digress. The butts were rubbed with a variation of my usual recipe (doubled the sugar and the cayenne, added a half cup of chili powder, and totally forgot to add the salt) as there were no wimps in sight to complain about the heat of the final product.

Speaking of the final product, more experimentation went on with it. One butt was pulled, while the other chopped. If you stare closely into the following picture you should be able to see the difference between the two. Feel free to stare as long as it takes, I promise no screaming zombie will jump out at you after a few seconds of contemplation.

IMG 2967

One advantage of using the BS Keg instead of a WSM was leftover charcoal and the ability to fire it up to a tater-cooking temps while the butts were resting. No disassembly and jury-rigging required to get the grill to set in place either. Some of you know of what I speak.

IMG 2970

As for the differences between the chopped and pulled pork, the chopped is easier to chew and seemed a bit moister. However, you can pile way more of the pulled pork on a bun. Younger Daughter’s sandwich was twice the size of this one, and wasn’t dropping chunks of pork all over the plate and table during the eating process.

IMG 2971

After dinner I felt I needed a second opinion, so I rang up Pigdog and asked him if he had eaten yet. Turned out he hadn’t (or at least so he claimed; I suspect he might have told me he hadn’t even if he had just to get some of this), so off we went with a care package. He confirmed the pulled vs. chopped comparison results we noticed above.

And trust me when I say he wasn’t playing around with my butt…

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