Smoked Lego

by zydecopaws on June 2, 2013

No plastic toys were harmed in the making of this post. Nor did I step on any barefoot. But we had some fun with the Red Haired Boy, who is always interested in what dad is cooking. And never gets a straight answer if at all possible. So today when he asked, I told him we were having Lego. I sort of left out the Lamb part…

IMG 2984

I also left out the bone part. Well, to be completely honest, this particular leg was missing the bone long before it got to us, but did have a hair net that needed to be removed before cooking. I’ve learned my lesson about those thanks to those boneless turkey breasts. The lamb was rubbed with a mixture of salt, pepper, sage, and thyme, then left to cook on the BS Keg for a couple of hours at about 275°F. Once done, it was wrapped in foil and shut away in a cooler to rest while the asparagus was grilling.

IMG 2987

If you don’t have one of those stainless steel grill baskets I highly recommend you add one to your arsenal of outdoor cooking utensils. They aren’t real cheap, but worth every penny in ease of use, clean up, and general utility on the grill. I’ve cooked everything from shrimp to veggies to fruit in them. If memory serves me correct, I believe I even made a meatloaf in them once.

Oh, and dinner was excellent.

IMG 2992

Best part of the meal? At no point did someone try to work in the “lego my eggo” pun. Although there were more than a few sheepish attempts…

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