Life is what happens…

by zydecopaws on June 17, 2013

Waist-high weeds at Casa Duck Lake, new consulting business, graduation festivities, kid’s bowling tournaments (on Fathers Day, no less), and a myriad of other things conspired to consume most of the last few weeks. And delay the posting of a stir-fry from last Tuesday.

IMG 3026

Some weeks are like that. Some months are like that. It appears summer will be like that. But it also appears some of my evenings will be freeing up and I can get back to making more meals like this. Stir fry chicken breasts and mixed veggies with a sweet chili-teriyaki sauce.

IMG 3028

Who knows, I might even find time tomorrow to cook up something a bit more traditional on the grill. And post it before a week goes by.

And for those interested, Younger Daughter took 5th in her division at the Tournament of Champions on Fathers Day. She should have been in the step-ladder finals and competed for a higher spot, but as we say on the lanes “split happens” and she missed out due to some issues with another participant’s status that weren’t discovered until the final match. Long story, not worth telling here, and not worth losing sleep over.

Especially when sleep has been at a premium lately…

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