Before and After

by zydecopaws on July 5, 2013

Anyone else wondering how many racks of babyback ribs will fit on an 18″ WSM? How about this many?

IMG 3073

That’s nine full racks in case anyone was wondering, and using only one rib rack holder in the bottom section. Five in the bottom, 4 on top, and room to spare (no pun intended). Stacking them up for finishing once the sauce was added made for a nice looking pile.

IMG 3077

I used this cook as an excuse to clean out the cupboard a bit. The rub was a combination of all my remaining Simply Marvelous Sweet & Spicy and Pecan rubs together with some cayenne pepper, and the sauce was half Big Butz No Butz and Original. There were smoker beans as well, which somehow escaped the camera, but certainly not the diners’ plates.

The best news? Not all the originally planned guests showed up at Pigdog’s lake residence, so there were plenty of ribs left over to share, and just enough beans to go around.

I won’t mention the small stash of beans that Pigdog put into protective custody. I suspect he’ll be sneaking them out for a midnight snack before the weekend is over…

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