Annual Brisket

by zydecopaws on July 10, 2013

Pigdog’s dad was in town again for his annual July visit, and as per custom I made sure we had time to fix a special meal just for him. As it is his special meal, he get to request the menu. It appears that brisket is his favorite thing for me to cook, so we put a nice full packer on the WSM.

IMG 3083

I experimented with a hot and fast (well, that’s relative) cook again, this time setting the temp at 275°F on the WSM and leaving it there from beginning to end. The brisket was rubbed with granulated garlic, McCormick’s Cajun Seasoning mix (they are sponsoring posts again this summer, but not this one; their Cajun Seasoning mix is one of my favorites), salt, and fresh ground pepper. It went on the grill around 8AM and was done (probe goes in like butter) by 3pm.

Best part of this? There was time to cook burnt ends. So I did…

IMG 3085

When the brisket came off I removed the point and set it aside, then wrapped the flat in foil and put it in a cooler. The flat was then carved into 1-inch cubes, seasoned with more of the rub mixture above along with a healthy dose of McCormick’s Grill Mates Steakhouse Onion Burger mix (I know, its starting to sound more like a sponsored post, but trust me, it isn’t) and returned to the WSM. The picture above was taken just prior to saucing (Big Butz Original). After saucing, the burnt ends were returned to the WSM for another 30-45 minutes; unfortunately no good pictures were taken of them when they were ready to eat.

As for sides, what else but trashbag potatoes, or as Pigdog’s dad calls them: “my potatoes”. After all, he named them…

IMG 3087

Those two baskets contained almost 5 pounds of potatoes, most of which disappeared at dinner. Too many teenagers around for there to be leftovers, although we were able to squirrel away 5 wedges and a couple of brisket slices for Mr. B’s lunch today.

I will assume that dinner was acceptable based on lack of leftovers and an invitation to cook again tomorrow…

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