Bison Burgers

by zydecopaws on July 22, 2013

It’s a well-known fact that I don’t cook burgers on the grill very often, but last night I made an exception and fired up some bison burgers on the BS Keg. And since we were going upscale with the meat, I figured I splurge on some good buns and top the whole thing off with a bleu cheese and basil topping.

IMG 3139

This was definitely a “do-again” meal, cooked entirely on the BS Keg. The grill fries went on first and could have been cooked a bit longer, but we were in a bit of a hurry (and hungry as well). That green, leafy stuff on the plate was grilled bok choy, a side dish I plan on doing again as it is real simple, and real tasty as long as you eat it while it’s still hot. The bison burgers were seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper, and the bleu cheese mix was very tasty.

As for the bison, we’ll be seeing more of that here in the future. I have some steaks, more ground bison, and a nice roast, all shipped direct from a ranch in Minnesota. A bit pricey, but a good value when all is said and done. More on this in the future…

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