Bison Something

by zydecopaws on July 31, 2013

Tonight we had a couple of these.

IMG 3154

I’m not sure exactly what cut they were, but I do know they were bison. They were advertised as bison filet mignon, but the package said bison (actually, buffalo, but we know better than that) tenderloin when it arrived. Either way, it made for a lean and tasty meal.

IMG 3158

Go ahead, accuse me of being in a rut, or on a bison kick. I’m good with it. The more I eat, the more I like it. Although a bit pricy, it’s low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and it still manages to taste good. As long as you don’t overcook it, there is plenty of juice without all the fat.

Makes you wonder if there is a job somewhere for a bison spokesperson…

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