Playing with my food

by zydecopaws on August 8, 2013

Food pictures, that is. Outdoor cooking happened this week, and there are pictures that should be cropped, twisted, and shared. Starting with a tri-tip roast intended for fajitas.

IMG 3164

Did someone say fajitas?

IMG 3169

Flour tortillas on a white plate don’t provide much contrast. But close-ups of smoke rings do…

IMG 3173

And then there was pork. Blade steaks, but no Blade Runner…

IMG 3187

The juices were running though, and although the beans hid in the background, they added a nice kick to the meal.

IMG 3194

You’d think I’d saved up all my cooking for this week. You might be on to something if you did. I’ve been more than a bit busy lately, but I intend to make up for that in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned…

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