Makes you wonder…

by zydecopaws on August 24, 2013

Somethings up around here. Bison keeps making appearances, even in meatball form.

IMG 3237

Proof those pizza screens aren’t just for pizza anymore. And what’s up with green pasta?

IMG 3244

No gluten was harmed in the cooking of that meal, as the pasta was actually fresh zucchini cut with one of my latest toys. I figure that plate of food topped out at about 400 calories, yet was one of the more satisfying meals we’ve had recently. And it was a great way to take advantage of in-season fresh produce.

Speaking of satisfying (and healthy) meals, we also dined on grilled hake (it’s a fish) tacos with fresh pico de gallo.

IMG 3252

All this healthy food on a site about BBQ and outdoor cooking? What’s up with that, anyway?

You’ll just have to stay tuned…

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