Time to empty the camera

by zydecopaws on September 8, 2013

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Not too busy to cook, but way to busy to post every one. So here’s a recap of the week, pictorial style. First up, some delicious, non-photogenic buffalo calzones.

IMG 3274

These were made with leftover pizza dough and toppings from the week before. Not very pretty, but very tasty. Next up was a prep failure. Bison-elk burgers.

IMG 3280

They were supposed to be bison burgers, but a package of ground elk was defrosted. A prep failure that turned into a delicious, low-fat/calorie burger (if there is such a thing). Maybe I should pull things out of the freezer without looking more often…

IMG 3284

On the BS Keg today was a large pot of bison chili…

IMG 3288

… served up over a bed of roasted Yukon potatoes.

IMG 3294

By now I’m sure someone is wondering about all the bison being cooked around here. Lets just say that it is part of a new way of life that is (so far) about 25 pounds lighter than it was a couple of months ago. I’ve got quite a bit more to go, but I intend to do it while still eating food that is satisfying, tastes great, and is cooked outdoors.

After all, this is No Excuses BBQ…

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