by zydecopaws on September 16, 2013

If there were one word to describe my life these days, it would be overcommitted. Doesn’t stop me from cooking, but it sure puts a crimp in writing and timely posting. Like this pizza from last Monday. Or Tuesday. Not sure which…

IMG 3298

I remember it tasting good, and that I actually took the time to make homemade pizza sauce for it. I also remember loading up the BS Keg last night with dinner for five.

IMG 3301

One of the local farms was on the way home from a tournament yesterday, and those veggies were just begging to make their way to a grill. Who am I to argue with late season corn and squash?

IMG 3302

The pork tenderloin was rubbed with some McCormick’s rib rub leftover from last summer. I figured it was time to clean out the spice cabinet, and it turned out to be a good plan.

This week should be somewhat less hectic, but there is the added challenge of being a temporary single parent while SWMBO takes a late-season lake break.

At least there won’t be any doubt about who is cooking…

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