Pull My Leg

by zydecopaws on October 7, 2013

Pull my thighs would be a more accurate statement. As in skinless chicken thighs…

IMG 3343

The above thighs were lovingly coated with some homemade rib rub, proving once again that names don’t always match up with what things are used for. The thighs were on the BS Keg at 250°F for the amount of time it took to pressure wash half the deck. I have a large deck, so your times may vary.

IMG 3351

I cooked a lot of these with the express purpose of using them in a wide variety of ways. Last night was the tostada-with-a-twist way…

IMG 3347

The twist involved topping them with a cabbage slaw (shredded cabbage, red onion, and carrot) made with sweet chili sauce and rice vinegar instead of the more mundane ingredients (such as cider vinegar and mayonnaise).

And yes, those were refried beans on the base of the tortilla. Makes you glad I didn’t start this post with “pull my finger”…

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