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by zydecopaws on October 29, 2013

The fine folks at ThermoWorks (makers of one of my favorite BBQ tools, the Thermapen) were kind enough to provide me with a new toy to play with. Introducing the ChefAlarm®

IMG 3378

The ChefAlarm® is a commercial quality probe-style cooking alarm that allows you to track your internal temperatures (even while resting), cooking times, high and low temps, and will set off a loud alarm when the desired internal temps have been reached. It comes standard with a commercial quality probe attached with a heavy-duty cable and a ton of other features you can read about on their web page (link above).

For me this created a bit of a quandary as the Thermapen has been my go-to temperature gauge for years. Undaunted, I set out to test out the ChefAlarm® properly; what better way than with a nice prime rib?

IMG 3381

Pay no attention to the foil pouch; it was full of potatoes steaming away in a garlic butter. They were good, but took a back seat to the prime rib.

IMG 3384

I’m happy to say that the initial trial of the ChefAlarm® was a success, even if I didn’t allow for the extra cooking that occurred while the prime rib was resting (but it was nice to see what was happening while it was resting; this is a cool feature of the ChefAlarm® that you don’t get with a Thermapen). In retrospect, I should have taken the roast off of the BS Keg when I took the top picture, not 5 minutes later when the temp was reading 130°F.

But I didn’t get any complaints at the dinner table (not that I expected any). Now I’m looking forward to using the ChefAlarm® again through the holidays, especially since I know I am on the hook for Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, a large, long-cooking meat) and likely two or three other holiday meals in December.

And based on comments after tonight’s meal, I may have to make another prime rib before the month is over for Younger Daughter’s birthday. I’ll be sure and put candles on it if I do…

Those nice folks at ThermoWorks sent me the ChefAlarm® in return for a product review. Now that I have it, it will likely get used a lot, same as the Thermapens, which I paid full price for on at least 4 different occasions (some were gifts). I paid for that prime rib myself. But I digress. The ChefAlarm® is well made (like the Thermapens), works as advertised, and now that I have one I might need to buy another one for the lake. Those that know me know that this is my opinion, not biased by free goodies. Trust me when I say that I warn people in advance to be careful what they ask for when sending me things to review.

On a related note, I wonder if the FTC sub-contracts with the NSA to do their data-mining?

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