by zydecopaws on October 31, 2013

Seems only appropriate to make something on Halloween that looks like brains, so tonight was the return of Scary-yaki. The best part of this meal (besides the flavor) is that it takes almost no brains to make something that resembles them (at least if you have a good enough imagination).

You start by heating up the wok, which in my case means firing up the BS Keg and waiting until the temps are up in the 600°F+ range, then dropping the wok into the rack intended for the diffuser. While all this heating up is going on, chicken breasts are sliced and marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, cornstarch, and Sriracha. This is where the scary part of the Scary-yaki comes in, as I never seem to know when to stop squirting on the Sriracha. As you can see, the chicken breasts have turned a bit bloody-looking…

IMG 3390

The rest of this meal is about prep and having a lot of bowls on hand. The veggies are divided into bowls based on their relative cooking times and then set out by the grill. Tonight’s veggie bowls contained white onion, carrot, Anaheim peppers, fresh ginger (all in the top bowl) and broccoli (cut into bite-size florets). The other key liquid ingredient (other than a cup of water) can be seen behind the veggies.

IMG 3392

At this point it’s all about cooking things in the order it takes them to be properly done. First up is the chicken, added to a small dash of peanut oil in the bottom of a smoking hot wok.

IMG 3393

Once the chicken is almost completely cooked, the longest cooking veggies get stirred in well.

IMG 3395

After a couple of minutes, in goes the broccoli, followed by more stirring. For those that are really hungry (or simply wish to forego the noodles) feel free to stop after this step and start eating.

IMG 3397

It only takes a couple more minutes before it’s time to add the noodles, a cup of water, and do some more stirring. Cover with the wok lid, let it cook another minute or two, then attempt to form the noodles into a brain shape and take pictures.

IMG 3400

Or you could simply put some in a bowl and start eating…

IMG 3403

So easy even a caveman (or whatever else you might have on hand tonight in the way of costumed creatures that could be drafted into cooking for you) could do.

Now if I could just keep the zombies away from my dinner…

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