Frozen Pizza

by zydecopaws on December 3, 2013

Frozen pizza chef, that is. You don’t think I would make frozen pizzas when I have leftovers from something that looked like this do you?

IMG 0184

That bird was done to perfection on the Mothership, aided by one of my favorite new toys, the ChefAlarm from Thermoworks.

IMG 0188

The nice part about using the ChefAlarm was that the lid rarely came off while the turkey was cooking, and as you can see from the readout, that 20lb. stuffed bird was done in just a little over 5 1/2 hours. All those cooks who minored in engineering will appreciate that little detail.

But back to the pizzas. In honor of the recent holiday (and a need to use up the rest of the leftovers) I made a special pizza for SWMBO. This was simply cream cheese, homemade cranberry sauce (her secret recipe, likely found elsewhere on this blog with a little searching), and turkey on the usual TJ’s herb dough.

IMG 3455

The pizza turned out to be a bit on the pale side, but it was good enough that SWMBO almost didn’t allow the rest of us to have any of it.

The other pizza was for made for the rest of us and covered with objectionables (things SWMBO refuses to eat). Once again, a TJ’s herb dough was employed to form the base, only this time the rest of the leftover gravy was uses for a sauce. That was followed by a liberal sprinkling of feta cheese, turkey, red onions, Anaheim peppers, mushrooms, and fresh cilantro.

IMG 3456

For the record, SWMBO will eat everything but the peppers and onions. And sometimes I can even sneak those onto her plate if they are cut up small enough and cooked long enough.

As for that frozen pizza chef comment, the temperature was down to 27°F at the time of the cook. If any of those clouds start to leak, we’re in for some early snow around here…

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