Cook 24: March 22, 2009

by zydecopaws on March 22, 2009

img_0315On the grill:

It was time to try the pulled chicken again, only this time with boneless, skinless thighs.  I think we have a winner here, as it was very tasty yet nowhere near as greasy (and I suspect much lower in calories) than the previous attempts.  The spice mix was different as well, and somewhat inspired by dining at a local Moroccan restaurant last night.  I started with some basic rib rub, and followed that up with some Kirkland Organic No-salt Seasoning mix, rosemary, and thyme.  Total cooking time on the grill was about 25 minutes.  The chicken was then pulled apart into smaller pieces using two forks and then served over brown rice.  Some of us topped that off with some store-bought BBQ sauce and some Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce.

Needless to say, it was a big hit with the family.  This one will likely end up on the recipe page if I can scale it down to reasonable servings. already made it to the recipe section.  I purposely made extra for lunches during the week as you can see by the lack of space on the grill in the picture.

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 16:10
  • Meal time: 17:00
  • Temperature:     42°F
  • Dew Point:     36°F
  • Humidity:    79%
  • Wind:    SSW at 2mph
  • Daily Precip.:    0.09in

March marches on. More rain followed by sun followed by rain followed by sun… well, you get the idea.  No reason not to BBQ though…

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