Excuses for not posting

by zydecopaws on December 24, 2013

I got lots of them. Work, travel, broken stove (?), other commitments, high school sports, surgery for a broken finger, bad pictures (stay tuned), you name it. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking…

First there was brisket in the snow.

IMG 0198

The ends were burnt (on purpose, look up burnt ends elsewhere here and you’ll see why), and served up with smoker beans and slaw.

IMG 0202

Did I mention bad pictures earlier? Anyway, on with the show. Pork tenderloin was on the grill at some point during December.

IMG 0212

If memory serves me correct, the glaze was made with apricot pepper jelly. Trashbag taters were also on the menu that night.

IMG 0217

Speaking of apricot pepper jelly, it found its way onto a batch of two of MOINK.

IMG 0220

I seem to remember something about bad pictures. But the MOINK was good, in spite of poor lighting and camera skills.

IMG 0225

Post-finger-surgery, the Red-haired Boy (not so little anymore based on the pre-surgery measurements) decided he would play on my sympathies and order up one of his favorite meals. Teriyaki strips made it to the grill tonight.

IMG 0227

That’s right, he had surgery on Christmas Eve. Nothing like a few pins in the finger to whet an appetite.

IMG 0240

Ok, that more or less catches us up just in time for Christmas. Originally I wasn’t going to cook on Christmas Day (yup, even I get a day off once in awhile), but things happen and plans change.

Guess that ham my sister sent us will come in real handy tomorrow…

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