The Heat is On

by zydecopaws on January 12, 2014

Sorry all you Miami fans, I’m not referring to your team. I’m talking about what happens when you fire up the BS Keg and throw on a cast iron pan. Or wok. Or pizza pans. Or have to put your hand over the grill for an extended period of time. Over the years I’ve resorted to a variety of gear to deal with the heat. Silicone mitts, leather gloves, pot holders, those quilted BBQ mitts that seem to show up in every BBQ gift set on the planet, and a host of other not-very-effective methods. A couple of years back I settled on using a set of Nomex-lined gloves you can still see advertised on late-night television.

As it turned out, this was the most effective thing I’ve found over the years except for one thing. The gloves in question are an off-white color, or at least they are until the first time they are used around the grill. At that point, they begin to look pretty shabby, and for some reason SWMBO resists putting them in the wash with anything else. Something about the soot, grease, and ashes seems to bother her.

So imagine my pleasure when I was contacted by a representative from Mr. Grill with an offer to try out their heat resistant gloves designed to be used for the grill. The first thing that jumped out at me when I took a look at them was the color.

IMG 3461

One look told me I was going to have to have a pair for review, and I’m happy to say that they stood up to the first test; stir fry.

IMG 3463

I could probably get a post out of that meal alone as I used bison sirloin rather than beef and hit on a killer flavor profile using Sriracha, Yoshida’s Gourmet sauce, white wine, an Asian five-spice mix, and a dash of soy sauce. Instead, I’ll just show another picture.

IMG 3466

But back to the gloves. I’m happy to say they worked great. The gloves are constructed much like those seen on TV with a Nomex lining, a non-stick silicone outer layer, and a max temperature rating of 450°F. Not quite a high as their competitor, but did I mention they are the color of what you get on them from the grill? According to Mr. Grill, they are washing machine safe (assuming you can sneak them by the wife) and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use (although I don’t recommend firing up the BBQ grill indoors).

The gloves are “one size fits most”. I found mine to be a bit long in the fingers, but just a bit slender for my fairly large mitts. With a bit of adjusting, the fingers pulled down nicely, and the gloves went on and came off easily. I suspect they will stretch with use. As for protection, I was able to remove the wok from the grill and wander into the house with no issues. The gloves heated up a bit by the time I got in the house, but there was no danger of finger burns or dinner dropped on the ground due to hot potato syndrome.

All in all, I’d recommend these (especially as I plan on using them quite a bit in the future based on tonight’s experience). If you want a pair for yourself, you can find them on Amazon. Tell them No Excuses BBQ sent you…

I got my gloves in return for this review, but all I was asked to do was give my honest opinion and throw up a couple of links. As I mentioned above, I will be using these in the future, especially since I didn’t have a pair of the competitor’s gloves at the lake.

And yes, I realize that bison stir fry is likely not even remotely Asian. Pretty sure they don’t have a lot of bison in China…

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