by zydecopaws on February 3, 2014

Yesterday will go down in Seahawk fan history as a banner day. Not only did they beat the Broncos in about every aspect of the game for their first championship win, but just being there gave me an excuse to cook up about 20 pounds of wings for the big game. In case you were wondering, here’s what 20 pounds of wings look like on the Mothership.

IMG 3468

I made up four different types of wings, Sriacha Hot, Cajun Hot, BBQ Hot, and BBQ Wimpy. Hat tip to The Meatwave for the first two, and Big Butz BBQ sauce for the last two. I actually followed the Meatwave recipe (well, mostly) for the Sriracha wings (I used tamari sauce instead of soy; we had a health-related gluten-free requirement for the party I attended) and the Cajun wings (I really didn’t measure any of the dry rub even though I used all of the ingredients). The BBQ wings were rubbed with a variation of the Meatwave Cajun rub (no oregano or onion powder and chili powder instead of cayenne on the Wimpy wings, both with no measuring tools in sight) and topped with NoButz (Hot) and Big Butz Hot (Wimpy).

Based on feedback from the party (and the complete lack of leftovers), the Sriracha wings were the favorite.

IMG 3475

Congratulations to the Seahawks on their impressive victory. And if they get back next year, I’ll be making these wings again.

Remember, it isn’t weird if it works…

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