Weenies & NoButz

by zydecopaws on March 4, 2014

What sounds like a bizarre porn title was actually a pizza experiment last night. The combination of fresh pizza dough and a freezer full of holiday leftovers (I won’t say which holiday) generally leads to unique pies.

Before we get to the headliner, there were a couple of other pizzas on the grill. First was a smoked turkey and homemade cranberry sauce on cream cheese effort. For the record, the sauce went on top rather than on the bottom…

IMG 3493

The smoked turkey was an unlabeled mystery meat surprise buried in the back of the freezer. The smoke flavor had intensified over time, and it went well on the next pizza with feta cheese, mushroom, and onions and peppers on the half not claimed by SWMBO. The sauce? Big Butz Cranberry, of course.

IMG 3495

The headline pizza involved a bit more thought, and some off-color conversation during the whole process of conception and execution. As usual, the base was Trader Joe’s fresh herb dough. The sauce (if you haven’t figured it out by now) was Big Butz NoButz; we like our pizzas spicy. The cheese was shredded mozzarella in a quantity designed to hold the cocktail weenies upright during the cooking process. Onions and peppers were added for additional color and flavor. The precooked pie looked like this.

IMG 3497

Notice the grooves in the weenies (Lil Smokies, for the purists out there). We’ve all seen what happens when weenies are on the grill, and we were going for the flowering effect. Barring that, we would have been happy with nuclear explosions, or even sandworms from the 1984 Dune movie. I’ll let the readers be the judge of what we actually got.

IMG 3499

This pizza actually was a hit with the kids, although they asked that I back off on the cheese if I ever make it again. Which I might, although I may consider using a mustard sauce and some pickle relish next time around…

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