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by zydecopaws on June 4, 2014

Ok, I know its been quite a while since anything was updated around here. Doesn’t mean outdoor cooking didn’t happen. Like some nice steaks…

IMG 3502

And beef isn’t the only thing for dinner; New York cut bison was as well…

IMG 3505

Naturally there was pizza…

IMG 3511

And more than one (actually, way more than two) pork butts were on Bubba Ho-Keg…

IMG 3516

Now that I have your attention it’s time to shut off the comments portion of this blog. In spite of the lack of posting, I continue to be barraged by spam comments, and although Akismet catches most of them, many of the over 62,000 in the past six months have slipped through and annoy me to the point of distraction. So no more.

For those that feel the need to comment, feel free to exercise your right to tweet, update your Farcebook status, ridicule us on tumblr, post on your own blog, deride us on *insert favorite social media outlet*, or use our comment form to contact us directly. Who knows, we might even respond. Although probably not on Farcebook.

As for the future of this blog, it’s time to take it a slightly different direction. A redesign is in the works, and posting will be infrequent (but hopefully not as cranky). Many of the existing posts will be reworked into recipes that might actually contain real measurements (gasp!). Who knows, we might even put up a page or two on gear that is actually useful and how to find it. There might even be a section on grill/smoker modifications/hacks and a section on turning ordinary items into grills (think Crock-a-Que).

And for the tldr crowd: COMMENTS OFF.

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