Rekindle the Fire: Challenge Accepted

by zydecopaws on October 13, 2014

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August, September, October… Oh crap, where have I been the past three months? Not posting again, that’s for sure. You’d think I’d dropped off the edge of the earth or been in a motorcycle accident (no, in spite of the newspaper report that wasn’t me, but some dude that shares my name and lives up here in the Pacific NorthWet).

It appears that my absence has been noted by others who have also pulled disappearing acts over the past few months, citing the normal “family/work/other obligations” excuses. All valid, and not once was incarceration listed as a reason for not cooking/posting. One in particular was Tom Porter from Big Butz BBQ (who knows how to get me to respond to Twitter, albeit not promptly), and in a moment of weakness on a Friday morning convinced me to re-prioritize my calendar to include more cooking and posting.

I won’t rehash the chest-thumping, clothes-rending, brainstorming Twitter session that led to this latest round of silliness, but here’s the deal. This “challenge” is a combination of the challenge I set for myself when I started this blog and a variation on the 4-Ingredient Challenge we did a couple of years back. The difference this time around is that there is a bit more flexibility, and, at least for now, there are only two of us involved. The rules are as follows:

Rules of 4:

  1. Must use one feature ingredient from previous post by other participant and post one week later.
  2. At least 4 feature ingredients must be used and listed in the post.
  3. Can’t use the same protein or feature ingredient more than once every 4 blog posts.
  4. Have fun, be creative, don’t stress.

We have some other unwritten agreements as well, but no lawyers were involved in the creation of this challenge, so I’m pretty sure that Tom and I can hash out any issues with late posts, repeated ingredients, or food dropped on the ground while cooking (does the 5-second rule apply outdoors?). Also, please note that we are doing this at a time of the year where cooking outdoors is a bigger challenge for Tom (did I mention he lives in Wisconsin). I will cook my challenge meals outdoors, but I will forgive him if he has to move inside during a blizzard. You should too.

Also, as a reminder, comments have been turned off on this blog. You got something to say, fire up your own blog and point at us or pick your favorite social media outlet and have at it. However, if you pick the latter, there is no guarantee that I will respond. For those of you that like this idea, feel free to pick one of the feature ingredients, cook up a meal using the rules above, and post on your own blog. Who knows, a bit of anarchy like this could lead to the end of society as we know it.

Or possibly some great new dishes for others to sample, and a bit of fun as it scales out of control…

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