by zydecopaws on November 5, 2014

Last night’s dinner was neither a traditional lasagna nor a version of the now infamous Enchilasgna. It was instead a version that will freak out most traditionalists and delight the gluten-free crowd. I give you…

IMG 0513

… Cabbage NotLasagna!

Trust me when I say this was made on the grill. Here’s proof, in the form of a bad picture.

IMG 0512

Inspiration for this meal was in the form of a rather large and fresh cabbage that jumped into my cart at the last visit to the produce stand and no desire to turn it into cabbage rolls (or yet another cabbage slaw). Off I went to the Interweb for ideas, and between a post on Recipes With Olive Oil and one from the Pioneer Women I was off and running.

Naturally I didn’t follow directions that close from either. It’s a failing of mine. The blanching of the cabbage and layering of the ingredients was mostly from Recipes With Olice Oil, and the sauce and meat mixture mostly from the Pioneer Woman. Using the BS Keg to cook it was all me.

Deviations from the recipe included using ground bison instead of ground beef, sage sausage rather than hot/spicy, and use of shredded parmesan cheese instead of mozzarella (due to a misreading of labels when first examining the contents of the refrigerator) as well as the addition of several mushrooms that begged to be in the dish. Cooking times varied as well due to interruptions and a complete lack of attention to heat settings on the BS Keg. Other than that, everything else was the same as in the two recipes previously mentioned.

Now you know why my family is so mad at me about never being able to replicate a recipe. However, they all seemed to enjoy the NotLasagna…

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