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by zydecopaws on February 19, 2015

It’s amazing how much difference changing one key ingredient on a pizza can make to the finished product. Tonight’s offerings featured grilled chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and the usual TJ’s garlic herb pizza dough. The first one featured an additional topping of an artichoke and jalapeño dip commonly found at your local membership warehouse store. The ingredient list included parmesan cheese, so I figured what the heck, spread it on and see what happens. Here’s what it looked like going on the grill.

IMG 0762

For reference purposes, the chicken was dusted with Montreal Steak seasoning (it isn’t just for beef) and grilled until not quite done, then chopped and thrown on the pizza. After about 10 minutes, we dug into this tasty morsel.

IMG 0765

You’ll have to excuse the cloudy pictures, but there were a few apple chunks mixed in with the charcoal from a previous cook and they put out an extra cloud of smoke. Great for flavor, bad for photos. As for the finished product, the kids declared it delicious and went back for seconds before the next pizza was off the grill.

Speaking of the next pizza, it was sauced with a thin coating of Big Butz No Butz sauce (makes a great BBQ flavored pizza sauce, especially with the extra kick) and some feta cheese instead of the artichoke and jalapeno dip. All the other ingredients stayed the same.

IMG 0767

This one cooked while the first was consumed, and in less than 10 minutes was done. Pizza is cooking faster now that I’ve invested in a Kick Ash basket and do a better job of providing proper air flow for high temp cooks.

IMG 0771

This pizza was very different from the first one, yet very tasty in its own right. The one takeaway was how much different the two tasted with so many ingredients in common. Both are “do again” pizzas, especially since SWMBO wasn’t around to sample them tonight.

At least she was able to benefit by not being around for the freezer-burned sausage that was originally intended for the second pizza…

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