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by zydecopaws on October 6, 2015

I’m somewhat embarrassed by how long it has been since my last post, but life happens. Running three businesses, keeping up with the family doings, and all those nights spent bowling takes its toll on taking pictures and writing blog posts about barbecue. Don’t get me wrong, I still cook outdoors on a frequent basis. Here’s proof from last night.

IMG 1017

You don’t get a pulled pork pizza without the pulled pork, and in this house that only comes after a long day on the smoker. But after awhile pulled pork posts get a bit old, at least after you’ve seen them a few hundred times. For that matter, so do pizza posts, something we’ve done more than our share of here.

Today, however, I saw something worth writing about, at least as it relates to the barbecue world. Steven Raichlen was recently inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame (yes, that is a real thing) and shared his induction speech (full text here) on the Barbecue Bible blog. Among other things, a couple of items on his list of 10 things he’s learned during his 20(!) years of writing about barbecue really resonated with me. From his post:

Barbecue isn’t a noun. Or a verb. It isn’t a piece of equipment (the so-called barbecue grill). It isn’t a cooking technique—low and slow with plenty of wood smoke. It isn’t a meal cooked and eaten outdoors. Or a public or civic celebration. Barbecue isn’t Texas beef, or Carolina pulled pork, or Kansas City brisket or spareribs. It’s all of those things and activities and it’s the story of humanity itself.

No one eats barbecue alone. We may cook to show off or compete or express our creativity. But the bottom line is that we do it to feed the people we love.

There is a lot of other barbecue (and other) wisdom imparted as part of his speech. Congratulations to Steven on his induction to the Barbecue Hall of Fame (and to me for actually sitting still long enough to write a post).

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