Catholic BBQ Humor

by zydecopaws on March 27, 2009

All this fish reminded me of a funny story my father used to tell:

A Protestant man moved into a Catholic neighborhood back when all Catholics were required to not eat meat on Fridays.  The first Friday after moving in, he pulled out his grill (maybe a Weber?), fired it up, and threw on a juicy ribeye steak.  The smell went all over the neighborhood, and needless to say the Catholic neighbors were less than pleased.  This turned into a regular Friday ritual, and week after week the man would come home from work, fire up the grill, and barbecue up some steaks.

After awhile the neighbors and the local priest convinced the man to convert to Catholicism.  A ceremony was held, and at the end of it the priest sprinkled holy water on the man and said “you were born a Protestant, you were raised a Protestant, and now you’re a Catholic.”

The next Friday rolls around, and true to form, the man comes home from work, fires up the grill, and proceeds to throw on a nice porterhouse steak.  The neighbors figure they have him now, and call the priest.  The priest comes rushing over to stop the man, and arrives just in time to see the man sprinkling BBQ sauce on the porterhouse and saying the words “you were born a steer, you were raised a steer, and now you’re a fish…”

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