Saturday + Rain = BBQ

by zydecopaws on March 28, 2009

img_0323It’s Saturday, we have a house guest (hi Auntie) and I invited my daughter and her SO over for dinner this afternoon.  So naturally, it is raining.  Since the menu includes smoked food, up goes the canopy, out comes the smoker, and we eat well in spite of the weather.

On the grill:

If nothing else, I figure today ought to make up for all that fish I’ve been eating lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I like fish, but it was starting to feel like a mahi-mahi rut.  The interesting thing about this cook is how it went from a simple smoke to firing up the Ranch Kettle and cooking a whole lot of other food.  This is what happens when I start making guest favorites (Trashbag Potatoes) and decide that I am too lazy to pull the Gold Kettle out of the garage and over to where I set up the canopy (which just so happens to be right next to where the Ranch Kettle has taken up residence).  Once the decision was made to fire up the Mothership, it wasn’t much of a stretch to answer the questions “what’s for dessert” (grilled pineapple) and “what else was I planning on cooking that I might as well get done with today” (Pulled Chicken).  I’d make some MOINK as well, but have taken a load of grief about people getting filled up on the appetizers and not having room for the main course.  I guess this means that tomorrow is meatloaf, MOINK, and fatties…

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 12:00
  • Meal time: 15:30
  • Temperature:     42°F
  • Dew Point:     39°F
  • Humidity:    87%
  • Wind:    Calm
  • Daily Precip.:    0.51in

As I mentioned earlier, it rained pretty good today.  We’d already had a 1/4 inch before I even fired up the WSM, and it continued to come down pretty steady throughout the cook.  However, now that the canopy is up, might as well plan on more smoking tomorrow.  In the meantime, all that cooking deserved to be recorded.  Check out the pictures in the gallery…

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