Final Fish Friday

by zydecopaws on April 10, 2009

img_0395I now know why they refer to it as Good Friday.  After today I can go back to cooking something other than fish and not have to worry about sending members of my immediate family to a fiery afterlife.  Well, at least for another year…

On the grill:

I don’t know if tonight qualifies as mixed grill, but I did manage to get two opened bags of fish out of the freezer.  The mahi-mahi was for the rest of the clan, and the seared ahi was for me.  I spiced it up with some Louisiana Cajun spice mix and cayenne pepper, then put it on the grill plate directly over the coals.  In got turned once after about 3 minutes, and a couple of minutes later was done to perfection.  Or at least to my preference, which was seared around the edges and very rare (almost sashimi) in the center.  It was hot all the way through, and that is the way I like it.

The beans were a mix of pinto and black beans with some added seasoning.  They were so good I’m going to have to post the recipe so that I can remember what I did and repeat it again at some point in the future.  I was told they had to be vegetarian style, so I decided to make my own rather than simply opening a can of Bush’s Vegetarian style.  Turned out to be a wise decision…

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 17:45
  • Meal time: 18:15
  • Temperature:     54°F
  • Dew Point:     29°F
  • Humidity:    38%
  • Wind:    Calm
  • Daily Precip.:    0.28 in

It was raining pretty steady this morning but cleared up in time to cook.  Another reason we call it Good Friday…

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