Steaks before Easter

by zydecopaws on April 11, 2009

img_0401Funny how things change… I was planning on doing an experiment with bacon, fancy sausages, onions, peppers, and tortillas tonight, but changed the menu entirely when I got done with all the manual labor performed in the yard today.  When you’re tired, you go with what is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work…

As it turned out, the only experimenting that was done was putting the trashbag taters into a new basket we picked up at Cost Plus the other day.  It takes up a lot of room on the grill (see the picture) but it does keep all the taters in one place and makes it easier to mix them up for an even cook.  As long as I’m not space constrained I will likely use it again in the future.

On the grill:

When you are tired, you also give in to requests from the young-uns around the house.  I must have been asked what was for dinner about 40 times during the day, with each request having a preference stated for tri-tips of some sort and trashbag taters.  So you guessed it, tired old Dad gave in to the kiddies and pulled a tri-tip roast out of the freezer.

Dinner was easy and good.  The tri-tip got carved into steaks, was given a sprinkling of soy sauce, mesquite grilling spices, garlic salt, and some cajun seasonings.  They were then grilled to order, medium rare for the boys, and medium well for the girls.  Dinner conversation was at a minimum and pretty much restricted to groans of delight, and “please pass me” somethings.  I guess that means another successful meal…

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 17:00
  • Meal time: 18:15
  • Temperature:     54°F
  • Dew Point:     30°F
  • Humidity:    39%
  • Wind:    Calm
  • Daily Precip.:    0.00 in

The weather was overcast today but perfect for working in the yard.  And I did.  Now I’m tired.  But not to tired to BBQ; remember, no excuses…

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