The Ultimate BBQ Showdown

May 27, 2011

Although I watch a fair number of cooking shows on TV from time to time, I generally haven’t followed the recent BBQ-themed shows as closely […]

Four and Twenty MOINK Balls baked in a pie

September 12, 2010
Thumbnail image for Four and Twenty MOINK Balls baked in a pie

Having wasted several other good ideas for the 2010 MOINK Ball Challenge by posting them in advance of the contest post it was time to […]

Here’s an idea…

August 30, 2010
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You’d think by now that when I get email from someone with a title of “Here’s an idea…” that I would have enough sense to […]

A visit to the Farmers’ Market

July 25, 2010

Curt at the Outdoor Cooking Guild has started up a new monthly “challenge” centered around a different theme each month. The idea is to cook […]

Here come da Judge

August 8, 2009

It’s official, I’m certifiable. My friends have been telling me that for years, so I suppose none of them will be surprised. Today I took […]

PNWBA Thriftway Classic

June 7, 2009

Today I took a drive down to Aloha Oregon and wandered around the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association (PNWBA) Thriftway Classic competition mostly to see what […]