December 2009

When just one spatchcock won’t do…

December 30, 2009

… you gotta smoke two! In honor of the last day of the year that any sun breaks were expected not one but two chickens […]

Hamming it up for Christmas

December 26, 2009

This year I cooked Christmas dinner twice, once on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve’s dinner was cooked in the house so […]

Meat and potatoes

December 22, 2009

Pigdog scored on some ribeye steaks the other day and was kind enough to bring a couple over for a test drive. So on the […]

99 morsels of MOINK on the grill

December 20, 2009

Yesterday was all about the appetizers. MOINK, chicken wings, and (shudder) Lil’ Smokies to be exact. I made up a huge batch of MOINK, and […]

Looked more like Lent…

December 18, 2009

The houseguest selected the menu again tonight, and with all the veggies on the grill it looked more like Lent than the Christmas season. But […]

Don’t be shellfish, there’s enough to go around…

December 17, 2009

Auntie showed up for a visit and was allowed to select the menu for dinner tonight. This consisted of standing in front of the freezer […]