January 2013

Broccoli Boy

January 19, 2013
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Notice the broccoli in the yakisoba picture below. It wouldn’t have been in there if the Little Red-haired Boy hadn’t wandered into the kitchen while […]

Leftovers Again

January 13, 2013
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I swear there is meat in those tacos. And it was leftover pulled pork. In spite of my invitation, no sign of Pigdog. His loss…

Auntie Pizza

January 6, 2013
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Not antipasto, Auntie Pizza. Complaints about too much cheese were registered the last time I made a foo-foo Marchetia-style pizza, so this time around I […]


January 1, 2013
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What better way to end 2012 than with a replay of a Christmas ham and a cook too lazy to make side dishes? About the […]