April 2013

Bear with me

April 26, 2013
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Older Daughter scored a small portion of bear shoulder on Wednesday from one of her resident’s recent hunting trips. She had no idea what to […]

Learning to Loaf

April 25, 2013
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Younger Daughter showed interest in learning to loaf last night. Meat loaf, that is… She actually stood around for most of the assembly process and […]

BBQ Fail

April 22, 2013

I always wondered what happened to the WSM cover…

Stir Fry Sunday

April 21, 2013
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No, there won’t be any pictures of broccoli over ice cream with a nice teriyaki sauce. That’s the other kind of sundae. But there will […]

Odds and Ends

April 15, 2013
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And leftovers. Beginning with fish tacos (grilled cod, leftover cabbage slaw, tomatoes, avocado, and a greek yogurt-based sauce). That was yesterday. Tonight was pizza night, […]

Hot and Fast

April 14, 2013
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Time is relative. At least according to Einstein. Point in case? This brisket was cooked in under 7 hours, about half the time it normally […]