Let the BBQ vacation begin…

October 19, 2010
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Ok, before anyone thinks that I’m taking a vacation from barbecuing, let me go on record as saying nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Here’s an idea…

August 30, 2010
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You’d think by now that when I get email from someone with a title of “Here’s an idea…” that I would have enough sense to […]

Review: The BBQ House in Reno

July 7, 2010

Were going to try something new here today. The following review was written by The Kirbdog, a long-time buddy of mine who recently moved to […]

Turns out there is BBQ in London

May 28, 2010

Took a bit of walking, but look what we found. Don’t skip the Indian-Pakistani-Lebanese food to go to restaurants in London displaying this sign. In […]

Don’t expect to get BBQ in London

May 27, 2010

We’ve been in and around (and all over) London for almost a week now, and even though we’ve seen occasional signs of BBQ equipment and […]

Haggis isn’t BBQ

May 21, 2010

The Scots appear to be more than a bit confused about this thing called BBQ. We wandered all over Edinburgh and although we saw more […]