Rekindle the Fire: Red Beans and Rice

February 10, 2015
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High School bowling season has come to an end, with Younger Daughter taking 5th individual at State and helping her team to a fourth consecutive […]

Time for Lunch

August 21, 2014
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Blog updates have been a bit few and far apart lately, largely due to being so busy with business, volunteer stuff, family, and an inordinate […]

Party Time

August 14, 2013
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We’re deep into the dog days of summer around here. Which by our definition means we are working like a dog instead of using our […]

Playing with my food

August 8, 2013
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Food pictures, that is. Outdoor cooking happened this week, and there are pictures that should be cropped, twisted, and shared. Starting with a tri-tip roast […]

Grilling with the Flavor Forecast

June 26, 2013
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No Excuses BBQ is teaming up with McCormick Grill Mates again this year to share new products and trends from McCormick Grill Mates and Lawry’s […]

Juego Gallinas Asado

May 5, 2013
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Bienvenidos a Sin Excusas Barbacoa en Cinco de Mayo. Where the only Spanish we speak is food and names and whatever we can coax out […]