bubba keg

No Ms. Steak about it

October 10, 2012
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Pigdog is tired of seeing pizza show up on the blog, so he provided some manly ribeye steaks for dinner last night at the lake. […]

Back to… whatever

September 5, 2012
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The kids went back to school this morning, and it’s time for me to get back to posting regularly. The last couple of weeks have […]


August 21, 2012
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On Sunday we dined with Pigdog and family again. And since Saturday turned out so well with me cooking meat and Pigdog providing sides, we […]

Odds and Ends

August 19, 2012
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First, some Friday night pre-lake-commute tri-tip and zucchini pictures taken in a hurry and without regard for proper photography techniques. Nothing like a Santa Maria […]

Zen Chicken Sandwich

August 11, 2012
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One with everything…

Freaky Friday

August 10, 2012
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No, not that one (or this one either), but the one where BBQ meets spaghetti. It begins with meatballs on Bubba Ho-Keg. The meatballs were […]