Change one thing…

February 19, 2015
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It’s amazing how much difference changing one key ingredient on a pizza can make to the finished product. Tonight’s offerings featured grilled chicken, bacon, mushrooms, […]

Rekindle the Fire: Cajun Chicken Tater Skins

January 19, 2015
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Under the heading of better late than never, we’re back with another installment of the Rekindle the Fire series (which is pretty much the only […]


February 3, 2014
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Yesterday will go down in Seahawk fan history as a banner day. Not only did they beat the Broncos in about every aspect of the […]


October 31, 2013
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Seems only appropriate to make something on Halloween that looks like brains, so tonight was the return of Scary-yaki. The best part of this meal […]

Pull My Leg

October 7, 2013
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Pull my thighs would be a more accurate statement. As in skinless chicken thighs… The above thighs were lovingly coated with some homemade rib rub, […]

All Stirred Up

September 1, 2013
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Younger Daughter has been on me lately about fixing more stir-fry, so I acceded to her wishes on Friday and whipped up a wok full […]