Don’t expect to get BBQ in London

May 27, 2010

We’ve been in and around (and all over) London for almost a week now, and even though we’ve seen occasional signs of BBQ equipment and […]

It appears I’ve been doing this all wrong…

April 1, 2010

Over the past several years I’ve put a lot of effort into making BBQ what now appears to be the hard way. According to information […]

Hell must have frozen over…

February 23, 2010

After holding out for as long as possible, we now find ourselves on Facebook with our very own fan page.¬† For those of you out […]

Real Crockpot BBQ

February 20, 2010

It is an unfortunate reality that there are a lot of folks out there that seem to think putting barbecue sauce over some meat and […]

Comments, Facebook, and other random stuff

July 9, 2009

One of these days I will get around to adding something to the FAQ around comments policy for the site. ¬†Until then, let me go […]