Time for some time off

May 14, 2010

Tonight is the last time I plan on cooking for a couple of weeks. That’s right, we’re breaking the streak of consecutive weeks of cooking […]

Cinco de Soft Taco

May 5, 2010

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a bigger holiday in the US than in Mexico. And no, it isn’t Mexican Independence Day like a lot of […]

Try these on for thighs

April 24, 2010

It rained today, something that isn’t unusual for the Pacific NorthWet this time of year. Since pulled pork is on the menu again tomorrow I […]

Don’t let your meatloaf…

April 21, 2010

… be confined to just ground beef. Tonight’s offering was another version of the Notafatty with a decided leaning towards a more traditional meatloaf and […]

I took the weekend off

April 19, 2010

On purpose. There were leftovers to eat, and restaurants to visit. So tonight SWMBO gave me permission to cook again. Like I needed that… On […]

Timewarp Chicken

April 12, 2010

Tonight’s meal was supposed to be last night’s meal. At least the main course was. And since I was wished a Happy Quesday on a […]