Let the BBQ vacation begin…

October 19, 2010
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Ok, before anyone thinks that I’m taking a vacation from barbecuing, let me go on record as saying nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Wordless Wednesday

October 13, 2010
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The Return of the CrockaQue

August 1, 2010

It’s been 6 months since I introduced the world to the CrockaQue, and since no one else was around today besides the dog I figured […]

Bubba Ho-Keg: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 18, 2010

In spite of my desire to extend the running gag on this blog about the review that will be written “tomorrow”, I did promise a […]

Why I bought a Bubba Keg

January 17, 2010

Back in October of 2009 we bought a Bubba Keg Convection Grill (BKCG, or more commonly known as Bubba Ho-Keg around here). As early as […]

Bubba Ho-Keg has landed

October 4, 2009

The newest addition to the No Excuses BBQ stable arrived during the week and was finally released from the packing materials today. Say hello to […]