Up for some home cookin’?  Here’s the jumping off page for those of you brave enough to try cooking what we eat for yourself.  Check back on a regular basis for updates; as we cook it, we’ll post the directions.


Appetizers (for those long cooks)

Not that they are required to whet your guests appetite, but why not give them something to eat while they are waiting for the main course?


Pork (the other white meat)

Mmm… Bacon!  And ribs, chops, butts, hams, sausage, and tenderloins.  Makes me hungry just sitting here typing…

  • Pork tenderloin – truly the other white meat
  • Baby Back Ribs – now that’s just good eatin’
  • Pork Butts – I’m not pulling your leg, I’m pulling the pork
  • Pork Chops – Thick and juicy, not the shoe-leather variety

Beef (moo…)

It’s what’s for dinner… If it came from a cow, find out how we cook it here.


Fowl (things with wings)

Fowl, as in things with wings (like chicken, turkey, game hens, duck, ostrich, etc.).  Not foul as in dropped in the coals, outside burnt to a crisp, inside barely heated, covered with cheap supermarket sauce, and thrown on the picnic table as if it was a gift from the gods.  Oh how I hate it when the amateurs come out in the summer…


Seafood (those things that swim in the water)

Also known as “see food, eat it”. This section includes recipes for stuff that comes out of oceans, rivers, and lakes, then finds its way to a grill or smoker near you and is turned into edible goodness. At least for those of us that aren’t predisposed to dislike fish and fish-like products. Who knows, there might even be signs of BBQ sushi showing up here at some point…


Meat (an assortment of not-vegetables that make other noises)

If it doesn’t oink, moo, fly, or swim in the ocean, isn’t on a vegetarian menu, but ends up on my grill, this is where it will be found.

  • Roast Lamb – that’s ok, that’s just my daaaahhhd… cooking.
Vibrant Produce

Carbs (taters, veggies, and other things not meat)

Taters, corn, peppers, and all those other things-not-meat that go on the grill.  Who knew asparagus could be so good?


Fixin’s (all that other stuff that you gotta have)

You can have BBQ without this stuff, but why would you?

Ice cream

Desserts (like Carbs, but sweeter)

Who says you can’t make dessert on the grill or in the smoker?  Obviously those who haven’t tried it, as there are some real tasty meal-ends that can be cooked up out-of-doors…


Leftovers (technically not BBQ, but what to do afterwards)

10 pounds of pulled pork that didn’t get eaten or given away? No problem…

  • Leftover Tacos – Pork, chicken, beef, or whatever you got…
  • BBQ Beef Sandwich – a no-brainer, makes you wonder why a recipe is needed.
  • Breakfast Fatty – nothing better than to start the morning with a raised cholesterol level.
  • Pulled Pork Pasta – bet you didn’t see this one coming.

Disclaimer: The owner of this web site takes no responsibility for undercooked, overdone, or other unpleasant results as a result of any abandonment of common sense on behalf of any souls brave enough to try any of these…