Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Mini Peppers

Here’s another one of those flexible appetizers that can be easy to prepare, or extremely tedious.  A lot has to do with what you’re stuffing them with and how much preparation is required prior to the actual stuffing process.  But if you are willing to put up with a little extra work, the results are well worth the trouble…

For this particular batch, I started with some mini bell peppers, bacon, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese.


The Canadian bacon and mushrooms were chopped fine and mixed with the parmesan cheese and then sprinkled with some Mesquite seasoning.  The peppers were split open with a knife using a “T’ incision that opened them up, but left the top of the pepper attached by a small section.  The innards were removed, and the peppers then stuffed with the Canadian bacon, mushroom, and cheese mixture.  A slice of bacon was then wrapped around each pepper and secured with toothpicks.


The peppers were then artfully arranged on the smoker around the main course.  The artful part is optional…


They were then left to smoke until the bacon was done to a desired level of crunchiness.  Cooking times will vary depending on how hot you are running the smoker, how crunchy you like your bacon, and hungry your guests are while they wait for the main course.


Plate them up, and serve them hot.  These are cooler than poppers, but very tasty.


Variations on the stuffings are endless.  We’ve also made these with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and mozzarella; saute the first three ingredients and combine with the cheese after they cool, then stuff the peppers.  Regardless of what you put in them, how bad can they be; after all, they are wrapped in bacon…